[FREEMIUM] Kairi is a bot translator that can be used to translate any message into more than 30 different languages.

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Kairi Translate Discord Bot

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Kairi is a discord translator bot that can be used to translate any message into more than 30 different languages.

The system works by prepayment with a certain number of characters. By default, any new installation include 10.000 free monthly characters. (Renew 1st day of month). Currently, you will spend free characters and after spending all of them, you will spend paid characters.

If you need more characters or wanna buy prime characters, please dont hesiate ask on discord



  • Read help (This help…) !help

  • Change prefix: !prefix [newPrefix] (only one character)

Help Command

  • Translate: !t [iso lang] [message]

Kairi Translate Test

  • Premium Enabled (Uses Paid Translation API):!tp [iso lang] [message]
  • Server Info: !info

Info Command

  • Bot Info: !stats

Stats Command

Lang must be in iso-5886 mode, english like "en", spanish as "es", etc…

Do you have a community? Text me to view different translation plans or even an even longer free plan.

Currently Working on:

  • Allow to block users using the bot in a specific server.
  • Default translation language.
  • [R] Automatic translation, allow the server to translate every message to a certain language. Will spend a lot of characters

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Submitted: 04/23/2020

Approved: 07/07/2020

Edited: 04/23/2020

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