A bot that has moderation, music ,and fun commands that you can use forever. Theres also tacos economy. Get your tacos here and now!!!

General ModerationEconomyMusic

This is Fallenthetaco. The bot who has fallen and needs help. This bot was programmed to help people in the server using moderation, music, and some fun commands. If anyone needs a taco, we have the image so please add this bot. This bot will help save world hunger. To use this bot, you must add the bot and do !help to get started.

  • To get a list of commands, please use !help.

  • !help - Shows all of the available commands that you can use

  • !ping - Ping/pong basically

  • !asciify - Shows a nice name/word

  • !avatar - Shows your/others profile picture

  • !listemoji - Lists all emoji from the server

  • !music - Shows music commands

  • !prefix - Shows my current prefix

  • !setprefix - (Administrator Only) Sets my prefix to be anything you want

  • !userinfo - Gets information about a mention or id

  • !serverinfo - Shows the servers information

  • Moderation commands which you should already know, !ban, !kick, !lock, !giverole, !removerole, etc.

  • Also, there is economy commands, so all you need to do is !start to start gaining some money. More economy commands are !daily, !balance.

  • Plus, the bot has slots command which you can just do !slots (amount).

  • NOTE: The economy money is worldwide which means you can't change the balance. You have to earn the money legit by !upvote, and !daily.

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Submitted: 12/08/2018

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