A multipurpose bot with 60+ diverse commands.

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Makebot adds some fun qualities to your discord server with 60+ diverse commands, ranging from searching NSFW sites to moderating your server.

What Makebot Can Do

  • Image Manipulation
  • Search Youtube
  • Search NSFW sites
  • Search Reddit
  • Music
  • Translate your sentences to a language of your choice.
  • Assign, remove, and create roles
  • Etc.

Help Categories

The standard help page ( gives you a list of commands under their appropriate categories.

  • 🍆 nsfw: Commands that have NSFW themes. If you use said commands in a SFW channel, makebot will search the (if existing) SFW alternatives to said commands instead.
  • 🎉 fun: Entertaining commands.
  • 🔊 music: Commands that play/manage music.
  • 🔎 mod: Commands that moderate your server.
  • 👥 other: Commands that don't fit in with the other help pages.

A full list of every command can be seen if you click the "Website" button.

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