Kashima is a bot based from Kancolle's (Kashima). She provides a lot of content for free which you can't get in other bots.

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Kashima is a Discord Bot based from a game/anime called Kancolle. This bot aims to target the users that want the premium experience that other bots don't give unless you pay for it.

  • Creator's Note

The default prefix is usually + but if she doesn't respond on that prefix, you can mention her like @Kashima and she will tell you exactly what is her help command for your ease of usage.

  • Summarized Features

✓ 99% Uptime.
✓ Starboard System.
✓ Marriage System.
✓ Interaction and Fun commands.
✓ Moderation and Server Logs.
✓ Guild Suggestion System.
✓ HD Music Player. Supports File Uploads!
✓ Internet Radio Streams.
✓ Customizable Settings.
✓ Osu! stats.
✓ Azur Lane & Kancolle Shipgirls Database.

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Used in 67,465 servers

70 invites this week

2,626 invites total

Prefix: Default: + (Changable)

Submitted: Aug 4, 2019 3:30 AM

Edited: Sep 7, 2019 7:17 AM

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