An easy to use advertising bot that broadcast your server advertisement to other discord servers

General Utility

An easy to use advertising bot that broadcast your bumps to over 500+ other servers.

Easy to setup

Custom Prefix


Constant Development

Bumping to some of the largest advertising servers

Customizable bump advertisement


Commands Description
/bumpset description Sets your server's description
/bumpset invite Sets your server's invite link
/bumpset banner Server banner management
/bumpset autobump Turns autobump on/off Premium
/bumpset bumpchannel Bump channel management
/bumpset colour Sets server bump advertisment colour Premium
/bumpset footer Sets server bump advertisement footer Premium
/bumpset preview Shows what your server's bump would look like
/bump Bumps your server
/leaderboard Shows the bump leaderboard
/rank Shows the servers's leaderboard rank

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Submitted: 12/08/2018

Approved: 12/08/2018

Edited: 11/05/2022

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