It is a bot with commands from utilities, role (hug, kiss...) and extra themes that you can find out for yourself.

General NSFW Roleplay

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Type Command Use Example
General short Short link with Bitly Note: Always use with http:// and/or https://. //short
General avatar Show profile picture. //avatar @BulzyKrown#9999
General say Send a message through karu. //say Hello world
General ping Check the latency of a message. //ping
General timer to use the timer. //timer 60000
Information userinfo Review a user's information. //userinfo @BulzyKrown#9999
Information serverinfo Review server information. //serverinfo
Information servers See the list of servers. //servers
Entertainment emoji Send a emoji/gif on the server. //emoji wat
Entertainment 8ball (EN) Command 8ball //8ball She's love me?
Entertainment ? (ES) Command 8ball //? Ella me amara?
Entertainment hug Send hug a user. //hug @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment pat Send pat a user. //pat @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment kiss Send kiss a user. //kiss @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment slap Send slap a user. //slap @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment kill kill a user. //kill @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment reverse Flip a text. //reverse hellolleh
Entertainment gif Send a completely random gif (gihpy). //gif Pentakill
NSFW nsfw Send images/gif NSFW. //nsfw rc
Others vote Allows you to view Karu votes… //vote
Others about Give a brief description of Karu. //about
Others sug Send your suggestions of Karu. //sug The bot is great!
Others bug Report some Karu problem. //bug Does not respond to commands.

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Submitted: Dec 6, 2018 7:29 AM

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