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A bot to get information about movies and actors. It's perfect for servers with a movie channel.


Command prefix: !?

Submitted: Dec 14, 2018 8:01 PM

Edited: Dec 14, 2018 8:20 PM

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DMDb (Discord Movie Database)

The DMDb bot offers an easy way to view detailed information about movies and actors within Discord. It's perfect for servers with a movie discussion channel.

Features & Commands

Prefix: !? (Can be changed) Help Command: !?help (Can be disabled)

Command Usage Short Description
Movie Movie Name or ID Get information about a movie.
Movies Movie Name Search for movies.
Person Person's Name or ID Get information about a person.
People Person's Name Search for people.
Poster Movie Name or ID Get a movies poster.
Similar Movie Name or ID Get similar movies.
Trailer Movie Name or ID Get a trailer for a movie.
Upcoming Most popular movies at the moment.
Config Customise the bot for your guild.
Info Information about the bot.

Get an updated list and detailed descriptions by inviting the bot.

Why use DMDb?

DMDb is always being updated as it is constantly being monitored to understand what new features, enhancements and bug fixes would be most beneficial and useful for users. With a responsive support server, users can also suggest their own creative ideas to improve their and others experience.

DMDb also offers an easily expandable customisation feature (such as toggling commands or changing prefix) so server managers can adjust the bot to best suit their server.

Feature in development: Advanced search to discover more movies and actors within certain years or genres.

😃 Invite the bot, join the support server or check out the source code. 😃