Lite-bot is a simple and customizable bot for server moderation with features like kick, ban, and purge, and blocking words. Nearly everything can be disabled or customized so you only have to worry about the features you actually want. More features are on the way.

General Moderation



  • Join/Leave messages
  • Kick/ban users
  • Purge messages
  • Block custom word list

Join Message

  • Sends a message when a user joins the Server
  • Can be enabled/disabled with !enable joinmessage and !disable joinmessage
  • Can be configured with !set joinmessage Welcome {user} and !set joinchannel #General

Leave Message

  • Sends a message when a user leaves the Server
  • Can be enabled/disabled with !enable leavemessage and !disable leavemessage
  • Can be configured with !set leavemessage Welcome {user} and !set leavechannel #General


  • Kicks the mentioned user
  • !kick @user#0000


  • Bans the mentioned user
  • !ban @user#0000


  • Deletes the specified number (<100) of messages
  • !purge 50


  • Used to enable or disable a command
  • !enable kick or !disable kick


  • Used to set a custom value
  • !set prefix !


  • Used to block a specified term
  • Admins are exempt from message filtering
  • !block

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Submitted: 04/11/2020

Approved: 06/11/2020

Edited: 09/23/2020

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