No more toxic unmentionable nicknames on Discord! This bot automagically sanitizes users with fancy or questionable names.

General Moderation Utility


This bot has one and only one feature: It sanitizes Nicknames to be ASCII-alphanumerical only (with some exceptions) and tries to forbid obscene and otherwise bad names. The bot tries to keep the nickname as close as the original as possible and only assigns a new name if there is no way to transform the original.


  1. Test if !AttentionPlease meets your expectations on a Test Server or the given Support Server. There is no easy way to undo the nick changes performed.
  2. Invite !AttentionPlease using the invite given. After you invited !AttenionPlease, it will immediately start to rename users with only the everyone-role.
  3. Move the Bot Role above the highest role you want to have names changed for. If you want every member to be affected, you must move it above the highest role. If Moderators should not be affected, move it below your Moderator Role. Giving a bot role with the desired position is also effective. The owner will never be effected. These are Discord Limitations.

There are no commands in this bot. The only usability feature is an invite to the support server in the Play-Status.

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Submitted: Jan 6, 2019 7:02 AM

Edited: Feb 11, 2019 2:59 PM