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Alpha Bot

Discord’s Most Advanced & Easiest To Use Cryptocurrency Charting & Price Alert Bot

For help commands, & price alerts info, type in Discord:

a help

Main Features:

1) Simple, easy to use one finger keystrokes to pull custom Bitcoin and altcoin cryptocurrency charts quickly and effortlessly in Discord.

2) Advanced charting features including indicators, multiple time frame analysis (chain chart commands in one stroke!), different candle types, margin charts.

3) LIVE BTC USD ticker in the sidebar for Bitmex AND Bitfinex. Fast, accurate, and updates every 20 seconds.

4) Custom price alerts (coming soon) sent through private message AND desktop/mobile notification for BTC/Alts/Margin. Set price alerts for above or below price, percent change from set price.

5) Coin metric charts including Bitcoin dominance, Bitcoin volatility, cryptocurrency heatmaps, institutional futures, total market capitalization, alt market capitalization (excluding BTC).

6) Social Interest Charts: Bitcoin Google Trend social interest, NVT Signal, Bitcoin Social interest, 4Chan/biz Social Interest, Reddit Social Interest, Twitter Social Interest.

Note: Custom price alerts will be sent via Discord Direct Message (DM) with chart screenshot and price notification, AND also Pushover Notifications for iOS/Android/desktop.

How To Use


c <coin> <exchange> <timeframe(s)> <candle type> <indicators>

for pulling custom charts.

Specify $coin/coinusdt/coinusd for coin-USD prices instead of coin-BTC prices.

Main Exchanges Supported:

Binance, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Bittrex, Bitmex, Bitfinex, Gemini, Kraken, Poloniex.

Exchange shortcuts:

Binance = b/bi/bin, Bitfinex = bfx/bx, Bitmex = bmx/mex/bx, Bittrex = bx/btrx, Coinbase Pro = cbp/cb/gdax, Kraken = k, Poloniex = p

Also Supports Other Exchanges:

Bitstamp, Bitflyer, Okcoin, Okcoinusd, Cex, Bithumb, Bitso, Btcchina, Cobinhood, Coinfloor, Foxbit, Hitbtc, Huobi, Itbit, Mercado, Wex. For these exchanges, type the full name of the exchange when using the c command as no exchange shortcuts are specified.


1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 45m, 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h, 1d, 1w

Candle types:

Ignore/use the default if unsure, but supports renko, bars, candles, line break, kagi and point & figure.


Popular: MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), RSI (Relative Strength Index, SRSI (Stochastic Strength Index), BB (Bollinger Bands), IC (Ichimoku Cloud), MA (Simple MA), MAE (Exp. MA), MOM (Momentum), EW (Elliott Wave), MFI (Money Flow Indicator), OBV (On Balance Volume). Note: Refer to Other Indicator Prefixes section at bottom of the page for full list of indicators.

Charting Examples:

Bitfinex BTC chart

c btc

Bitmex BTC chart

c xbt

Get coin/USD(T) chart

c $coin

15m, 1d, 1w Bitfinex charts

c btc 15m 1d 1w

4h Bitfinex chart with RSI, SRSI, & MACD indicators

c btc bfx 4h rsi srsi macd

1h, 4h, 1w Bitmex charts for XBT (perpetual BTC) with BB, IC, RSI indicators

c xbt 1h-1w bb ic rsi

1m, 3m, 5m,15m, 30m, 1h Binance charts for ADA/BTC with RSI, SRSI, OBV indicators

c ada b 1-1h rsi srsi obv

15m, 30m, & 1h Binance charts for BNB/USDT with BB, IC, and MFI indicators

c $bnb bi 15m-1h bb ic mfi

15m, 30m, & 1h Binance charts for BNB/USDT

c bnbusd b 15m-1h bb ic mfi

1w, 1 day, & 4 hour Bittrex charts for ETC/USD

c etcusd btrx 1w-4h bb ic mfi

1w, 1d, & 4h Coinbase Pro charts for LTC/USD

c $ltc cbp 1w-4h bb ic mfi

Short/Long Bitfinex Chart

c shorts <timeframe(s)> <indicators>
c s <timeframe(s)> <indicators>
c longs <timeframe(s) <indicators>
c l <timeframe(s)> <indicators>

Chaining Charts With One Finger

No need to pull up especially on mobile. You can post multiple charts from different coins EFFORTLESSLY from your phone touch keyboard. Just start each new entry with the c prefix!


1h Binance chart for ADA with RSI + 4H Bittrex chart for XLM with MACD + 4h,1d,1w Bitfinex chart for BTC + 1d short/long Bitfinex charts for BTC

c ada b 1h rsi c xlm btrx 4h macd c btc 4h-1w c ls 1d rsi

Custom Price Alerts (coming soon)

You'll be able to set up price alerts and it will send you a DM with the BTC/ETH/USD/USDT/BNB price as well as a chart, as well as Pushover Notification through the Pushover app for mobile/laptop in case you are not on Discord. By end of September 2018, price alerts for price percent changes, and major support/base/resistance percent drops/bounces (useful for QFL method) will also be implemented.

Other major Commands

See the price of a coin in both BTC and USD value. The default for BTC is Bitfinex. The default for alts is Binance.

p <coin> <exchange>

Get heatmap information from based on either market cap or volume and 15m, 1h, 1d, 1w, 1m, 3m, 6m, and/or 1y.

heatmap/hmap <mcap/mc OR volume/vol> <timeframe(s)> heat map that shows the most volatile coins on an hourly basis.

hmap <type> <period>

Detailed market cap information for a coin including current price in BTC/USD, volume, rank, market cap, supply, percent change in 1h, 1d, and 1w.

mc/mcap <coin>

Show Bitcoin’s average 30-day volatility chart. From:

btc volatility/btc vol

Post the BTC/Alt. chart.


See what exchanges a coin is on.

markets/mk <coin>

Post a screenshot of the NVT Ratio Chart. More information on how to use on



See major institutional futures/short/long positions on CBOE/CME. Funds(leveraged funds) - These are typically hedge funds and various types of money managers. Other(Other Reportables) - Reportable traders(ie big professional traders). Small (Non-Reportable) - Traders below the reportable limit (ie small unprofessional traders). Dealer and Asset managers have hidden by default due to the small amount. Spread positions are not shown due to the same reason.


top gainers/tg –> Most positive % gainers in the last 24 hours. Only for major exchanges i.e. Binance, Coinbase Pro, etc. top losers/tl –> Most negative % losers in the last 24 hours. Only for major exchanges i.e. Binance, Coinbase Pro, etc.

total market cap/tmc –> Posts the total market cap chart. total market cap alt/tmc alt –> Posts the alt total market cap chart (excludes Bitcoin).

Social Interest Charts (coming soon)

Post 1d trending interest for alts on 4chan/biz. From:

biz interest/bi

Post a Google Trends chart that shows the amount of social interest in Bitcoin globally. Useful with NVT Signal and Solume for gauging interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

google trends/gt

Post 1d trending interest for alts on Reddit. From:

reddit interest/ri

Post Bitcoin social interest metrics either for 1d, 1w (default), 1m, or 3m. In addition to NVT Signal and BTC Google trends charts, it is useful for gauging interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency.



1-day chart

so 1d

1-w chart

so 1w

1-month chart

so 1m

3-month chart

so 3m

Post 1d trending interest for alts on Twitter. From:

twitter interest/ti

Other Chart Indicators

A: ACCD (Accumulation/Distribution), ADR, Aroon, ATR (Average True Range), Awesome (Awesome Oscillator)

B: BBW (Bollinger Bands Width)

C: CMF (Chaikin Money Flow), Chaikin (Chaikin Oscillator), Chande (Chande Momentum Oscillator), CI (Choppiness Index), CCI (Commodity Channel Index), CRSI (ConnorsRSI), CC (Correlation Coefficient)

D: DPO (Detrended Price Oscillator), DM (Directional Movement), DONCH (Donchian Channels), DEMA (Double EMA)

E: EOM (Ease Of Movement), EFI (Elder's Force Index), EMA (Moving Average Exponential), ENV (Envelope)

F: Fisher (Fisher Transform)

H: HV (Historical Volatility), HMA (Hull Moving Average)

K: Keltner (Keltner Channels), KST (Know Sure Thing)

L: LR (Linear Regression)

M: MFI (Money Flow Index), Moon (Moon Phases), MA (Moving Average)

N: NV (No volume indicator)

P: PSAR (Parabolic SAR), PPHL (Pivot Points High Low), PPS (Pivot Points Standard), PO (Price Oscillator), PVT (Price Volume Trend)

R: ROC (Rate Of Change), RVI (Relative Volatility Index)

S: SMIEI (SMI Ergodic Indicator), SMIEO (SMI Ergodic Oscillator), Stoch (Stochastic)

T: TEMA (Triple EMA), TRIX

U: Ultimate (Ultimate Oscillator)

V: VI (Relative Vigor Index), VSTOP (Volatility Stop), VWAP, VWMA (Volume Weighted Moving Average)

W: WilliamsR (Williams %R), WilliamsA (Williams Alligator), WF (Williams Fractal), WMA (Moving Average Weighted)

Z: ZZ (Zig Zag)

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