A bot that creates fast and easy giveaways!

General Utility


A simple bot that manages your giveaways! And is customizable to fit your needs!


  • Fast support and help in our guild!
  • 24/7 uptime
  • Easy and fast ways to create a giveaway
  • A huge palette of customization!
  • Multiple features to fully manage all the giveaways in your server!
  • Trusted by over 12k guild owners

Two easy ways to start a giveaway!

  • +gcreate : Runs the creation setup wizard
  • +gstart [time] [winners] [prize] : Starts the giveaway directly in the current channel

Need to end the giveaway early?

  • +gend [message ID] : Ends a giveaway early

Not satisfied with the winner?

  • +greroll [message ID] : Rerolls the given giveaway

Made a mistake while creating the giveaway?

  • +gcancel [message ID] : Cancels the given giveaway

Highly customizable!

  • +gsetprefix [new prefix] : Set a custom prefix
  • +gsetcolor [new color] : Set a custom embed color
  • +gsetemoji [emoji] : Set a custom giveaway emoji
  • +gsetrole [role] : Set a custom giveaway role

For further questions please feel free to join our support guild

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Submitted: 09/29/2019

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