Welcome Banners [GIF], Role Shop, Text & Voice Levelling with rank card, Reaction & Auto Roles, Moderation and Auto Moderation, Loggers, Secret Confessions, Starboard, Tags, Verification system for new users, Profiles with marriage feature, Economy and features you need.

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Designed to help server administrators with managing their communities as well as includes plugins and features for all of the casual discord users. It is an open source project actively being developed updated frequently with adding new and exciting features along with the important fixes whenever required.

Key Features

  • Welcome Banners to welcome new members using custom static or GIF images.
  • Text and voice Levelling with assignable roles or points as rewards for different levels.
  • Role Shop for your server to let members purchase roles using their earned points.
  • Welcome Messages including direct and channel based welcome messages.
  • Moderation plugin including member and server logs for major events.
  • Auto Moderation system based on triggers and different actions.
  • Auto Roles rewards and ranking system with rank cards.
  • Discord User, Member custom profiles and much more.

Not Enough?

We continuously keep working on it to introduce new features and also improve the existing ones. The bot receives updates very frequently, almost every other day.

Help and Reference

Visit our website for full documentation and getting started guide or just check quick reference to all of the available commands and plugins. Feel free to join our community for help with anything or to suggest and features or report bugs.

Basic Commands Reference

Primary Commands

The following table displays entire list of primary commands and their basic syntax to use. Click on the command to know more about it including their sub-commands.

Understanding the syntax

All of the usages provided for each commands and sub-commands follow a certain syntax, very much similar to the way these commands will be actually used.
Every command begins with a pre-defined prefix which can be the default prefix, ; or any of the custom prefixes you have set. Following with the Primary Command, optional sub-command and arguments.

Syntax: <prefix><primary command> [sub-command] [argument1] ...

  • The arguments under <argument> are required arguments.
  • The arguments under [argument] are optional arguments.

Note: Do not include <> or [] while actually using the commands.

Command Short Description Usage
ban Bans specified member from the server. ;ban <member> [reason]
banword Blacklists or bans specified word. ;banword [word]
bosons Displays Bosons earned by you or specified member. ;bosons [user]
clean Cleans and deleted last few messages sent by the bot. ;clean
confessions Lets you confess anonymously in specified server. ;confess <server_id> <confession>
disable Disables provided function from one or multiple channels which are specified. ;disable <function> [channels...]
divorce Lets you divorce if you're already married to someone. ;divorce
embed Make bot send a neat embed with all provided attributes. ;embed [msg]
enable Enables provided function in all of the specified channels. ;enable <function> [channels...]
fermions Displays number of Fermions you have. ;fermions
givepoints Generate and give points to specified member. ;givepoints <points> <member>
hastebin Posts the provided content to and displays a shareable link. ;hastebin <content>
kick Kicks specified member from the server. ;kick <member> [reason]
leaderboards Displays top members with maximum chat experience points. ;leaderboards
level Displays current level and experience points. ;level [member]
logger Displays list of loggers enabled in different channels. ;logger
moderators Displays list of roles and members who has been assigned as special moderators. ;moderators
modlogs Displays all of the moderation logs of specified member. ;modlogs <member>
mute Mutes specified member from voice and also adds the muted role. ;mute <member> [reason]
points Displays Guild Points earned by you or specified member. ;points [member]
prefix Displays currently set custom prefixes. ;prefix
preset Sets preset for commands to display certain preset message. ;preset <command_name> <image_url> [text]
profile Displays your Cosmos Profile or of specified member. ;profile [user]
propose Lets you propose them. ;propose <user>
reaction It contains multiple reaction based sub-commands. ;reaction
reactor Displays reactor settings of current or specified channel. ;reactor [channel]
rep Add a reputation point to specified member. ;rep [user]
roleshop Displays all of the roles which can be purchased from role shop. ;roleshop
spongebobmock Spongebob mocks provided message or text and sends it back. ;spongebobmock <message>
starboard Configure Starboard in server. ;starboard <sub-command> ...
tag Retrieves and displays specified tag and all of its contents. ;tag <name>
tags Displays list of custom tags created and owned by you. ;tags
theme Configure theme settings. ;theme <sub-command> ...
triggers Displays all of the active triggers along with their actions. ;triggers
unban Un bans user from their discord ID. ;unban <user_id> [reason]
unmute Un mutes specified member from voice and removes the muted role. ;unmute <member>
verification Primary command to setup several verification methods. ;verification
warn Issues a warning to specified member. ;warn <member> <reason>
welcome Manage different welcome settings of your server. ;welcome

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