A multipurpose bot with anything from random cat images to moderation. It has a leveling and currency system with the ability to get roles at certain levels. It can play music.

General LevelsFunModerationMusicAnimeUtility

This bot has a bunch of commands you can find with ?help This bot can do all sorts of things:

  • Such as saying hello
  • Post a random cat/dog/bird/duck/fox picture
  • Your standard 8ball
  • Repeat what you wrote
  • Rate anything you want it to from 0/100 -Roll a random number between x and y
  • Delete messages in bulk
  • Calculate math problems
  • Manipulate images in fun ways
  • Stealthly filter messages!
  • Fetching Animes from
  • And much much more!

Apart from this:

  • It has a leveling system with leveling roles
  • It has a currency system you can gamble with
  • It can play music

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Submitted: 06/11/2019

Approved: 06/11/2019

Edited: 06/11/2019

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