Support-Manager helps you get support on your server managed. It provides a full featured support ticket system and much more.

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Get support on your server handled!

Ticket System

The feature rich support ticket system allows you to keep track of your users' problems and helps you to easily handle them.

Users can:

  • create a ticket: /ticket create "title" "description"
  • edit it: /ticket edit [ticket-id] "new content"
  • respond to it: /ticket respond [ticket-id] "response"
  • close it: /ticket close [ticket-id] "optional message"
  • and much more

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For example just get started by creating your first ticket:
/ticket create "Hello World!" "This is just a test."
The bot will create a new ticket with a new ID starting with #1.

If you want to be notified about new tickets on your server, you have to set at least a notification channel. Therefor just type:
/set channel #yourchannel

Let's go!

Just type /help to get started or see it's commands here.

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