Levels, music, custom commands, powerful triggers, moderation, a web dashboard/leaderboard, reaction roles and more.

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Atlas is a multi-purpose Discord bot with everything your server needs. Music, custom commands, auto-moderation, fun, levels, reaction roles and everything else you expect. Atlas is constantly being improved with new features and improvements.


Actions are a brand new, overpowered feature Atlas has. Want to do something when a message is sent? Use actions. Want to create your own command? Use actions! The possibilities are endless, with over 100+ tags ranging from getting information to adding and multiple trigger types.


Atlas has powerful music with many features to make your life easier. Play songs or playlists from many sources, including Spotify and YouTube. Create your own playlists or just play some dank me-mes at 150% volume for absolutely no reason.


Atlas comes with all the tools you need to moderate even the largest servers on Discord. Filter chat automatically, add warnings to people, mute members or create your own actions to moderate your server for you when filters aren't enough.

Documentation & Support

To get started with Atlas, the best place to go is to our documentation. Need help? We can help you with anything you need in our support server. If you ever need help, just ask in our support server and we'll be happy to help.

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