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The most advanced application forms bot, integrated with a powerful recruitment platform.

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Register your server. If you’ve already registered, manage your integration on its page. If you need help, check out the guide, or join our Discord.

Type /apply in Discord to start a form with the bot.


Use application forms in Discord, whether simple or complex.

Elements include text, single or multiple choice, identity (Discord, Blizzard, Steam, Xbox), availability, datetime, timezone offset, and checkbox.

The applicant will be notified about the status of their application, and can be granted roles upon approval.

Labels and comments aid in managing large numbers of submissions.

Labels enable submissions to be categorised, tracked, and searched with ease.

Comments streamline communication between applicants and reviewers, keeping everything in one place.

Learn more in the forms guide.

Role Synchronisation

Automatically synchronise member roles across Discord and Gather. For example, when a role is added to a Discord member, it's added to the corresponding Gather member, and vice versa for role removals.


When something happens in Gather, a message with information about the event can be sent to any channel of your choosing.


Gather is a search engine for gaming communities. It provides a lean set of essential tools for gaming communities: recruitment, applications, and member records. Learn more.

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