Musics, useful, admin & fun commands, mini-games, game stats and more !

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Shadbot offers you music, games stats, utils, fun & admin commands and more !

  • Support Server with good community
  • Uptime: 24/7
  • Regular updates
  • Custom parameters (prefix, default volume, commands blacklist, allowed channels, auto messages, auto roles…)

Utils Commands translate wiki calc weather urban poll lyrics

Fun Commands chat leet this_day

Image Commands image suicide_girls rule34 gif wallpaper

Games Commands dice slot_machine russian_roulette trivia rps roulette blackjack lotto hangman

Currency Commands transfer leaderboard coins

Music Commands play pause repeat stop volume skip backward forward name playlist clear shuffle

Games Stats Commands overwatch diablo cs fortnite

Info Commands info userinfo serverinfo ping rolelist

French Commands dtc blague vacs

Admin Commands settings prune manage_coins kick ban softban

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