XD is a bot with some of everything. In its original form, it was known for quote-unquote ban-roulette--Russian Roulette that bans you if you lose. Now, it has moderation and music, along with other stuff.

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What is this?

XD is a bot whose focus is kind-of all over the place. In it you can find anything from a version of Russian Roulette that bans you from the given server when you lose, to some badly written moderation commands, or some music commands. There’s also some oddities–but we don’t talk about those.

How do I use this?

You can see all of thee bot's commands by doing ":help", for more information on these given commands do ":help [command]". You can thusly use the commands in the same given way, by simply following the prefix with the name of the command.

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