Greetings & goodbyes, livestream notifications, dice rolling, timers, NSFW commands, game stats, periodic messages, and much more!

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Accord is a multi-purpose bot that aims to have as many useful features as possible.

Accord has commands for:

  • Quotes, Preset, and Periodic messages
  • Greetings & Goodbye messages
  • Dice rolling and simple math
  • Unit and currency conversion (so your imperial and metric friends can get along!)
  • Twitch, Mixer, Picarto, Piczel stream online notifications with mentions
  • Timer notifications and chronometers
  • User, channel and server info
  • Roll calls
  • List shuffling, random user picking
  • Cat, dog, doge, fox, bird and bunny pictures
  • Anime search
  • NSFW commands
  • Lookup timezones, osu! stats, Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends stats, xkcd, D&D spells, and other things
  • ‚Ķmany more!

Everything is optional - a flexible permissions system lets you selectively enable or disable commands by channel, role, user or for the whole server.

See the full list of commands at Accord's help page. Accord's default prefix is . but you can change it to anything that's more convenient. See the help for instructions.

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