Game stats, supports Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO, Paragon, Paladins, Smite, Overwatch, PUBG, FFXIV, APEX Legends, APEX etc

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Set up a profile of your gaming aliases so you can share them with friends and see your stats in those games.

Support server:

Currently supported (but expanding):

PUBG gs.pubg
Steam gs.steam
Rust gs.rust
Team Fortress 2 gs.tf2
DOTA2 gs.dota2
Rainbow Six: Siege gs.siege
FFXIV (with Free Company stats) gs.ffxiv
Overwatch gs.ow
Destiny gs.destiny
CS:GO gs.csgo
League of Legends
Paragon gs.paragon
World of Tanks gs.wot
World of Warships gs.wows
World of Warplanes gs.wowp
Playstation Network gs.psn
Xbox Live gs.xbl
Paladins gs.paladins
Smite gs.smite
APEX Legends gs.apex

Getting Started

To create your profile: gs.profile

To add a game account: gs.add uplay

Supported accounts: gs.accounts

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