A fully featured Discord Casino! With a fully featured economy, blackjack, slots, marketplace, crates, and more!

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Casino Bot includes many gamemodes, such as slots, wheel, blackjack, dice roll, and coinflip. It features a global economy that is synced acrose all guilds the bot is in! It also includes a level and xp system, allowing players to level up and advance their gameplay! More features are constantly being added!


  • 5 Free games (slot, tower, wheel, coin flip, and dice)
  • Perks for paid supporters of the bot. Including an exclusive game blackjack.
  • Global economy.
  • With new and fun features planned in the future.

Learn more about all of the commands by running cs/help or by @mentioning the bot.

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Prefix: cs/ (ex cs/help)

Submitted: Jul 2, 2018 8:35 PM

Edited: Jul 2, 2018 8:35 PM

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