An exclusive bot for Pokémon Discord server to store friend codes for pokémon games.

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Friend Code Bot

Nurse Joy was designed for the Pokémon Singapore Discord Server, to allow users to efficiently store and access friend codes without having to memorise them. With the introduction of Pokemon GO's friend system, the usage of Nurse Joy has also been extended to other Pokemon discord servers.


  1. !fc - Display your current friendcode.
  2. !fc @mention - Display mention user's friendcode.
  3. !fc set ds xxxx-xxxx-xxxx - Register 3DS friendcode to trainer database.
  4. !fc set switch sw-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx - Register switch friendcode to trainer database.
  5. !fc set pogo xxxx-xxxx-xxxx - Register pokemon go friendcode to trainer database.
  6. !fc set shuffle xxxx-xxxx - Register pokemon shuffle friendcode to trainer database.
  7. !fc delete ds - Delete 3DS friendcode from trainer database.
  8. !fc delete switch - Delete switch friendcode from trainer database.
  9. !fc delete pogo - Delete pokemon go friendcode from trainer database.
  10. !fc delete shuffle - Delete pokemon shuffle friendcode from trainer database.
  11. !fc delete all - Delete all friendcode from trainer database.
  12. !info - NurseJoy will PM you all the commands.

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Submitted: Apr 8, 2019 10:58 AM

Edited: Apr 8, 2019 10:58 AM

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