Strodl has many features like: - HD Music Streaming (Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitch, radio stations, and more!) - Cards Against Humanity - Text-based Adventures - Economy - Multiple Languages (English, Español, Türkçe, Deutsch)

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Strodl Bot

Strodl bot does lots of cool stuff! You're probably here for these:

  • Cards Against Humanity (&cahJoin, &cahStop, &cahStart, &cahPick)
  • Music bot (&play, &stop, &pplay, &spotify, &iheartradio)
  • Text based adventure (&advbegin, &advrun, &advstop)

But it also has:


  • &advbegin Starts an adventure
  • &advrun Runs a command in an adventure
  • &advstop Stops a running adventure
  • &advseperate Makes adventure send seperate messages on each virtual screen push rather than message edits


  • &alexa Talk with Alexa! (For example, 'Alexa, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?')
  • &google Talk with the Google Assistant! (For example, 'Hey Google, what's your favorite color?')


  • &auto-role Sets a role to automatically add new members to


  • &newpost Creates a new auto-post
  • &deletepost Deletes a auto-post


  • &cahjoin Join a CaH game
  • &cahstart Start a CaH game
  • &cahpick Pick the winning CaH card
  • &cahstop Stops a CaH game
  • &cahscore Shows the current scores in a game of CAH


  • &steal Steals a given amount from a user
  • &write Sets a user's coin count (Owner only)
  • &transfer Gives a user your money
  • &wallet Finds how much money you have
  • &hide-my-coins Hides coin reactions for you
  • &hide-coins Hides coin reactions for the server
  • &shop Buy/Sell stuff from the shop!
  • &profile Show your/another user's badges and coin count
  • &supress-steal-dm Toggles supression of steal notification DMs
  • &getreward Used to collect your reward after voting
  • &customcoin Sets a custom coin for the server


  • &feedback Sends feedback to my owner!


  • &dic Fetches the definition for a word from Urban Dictionary
  • &search Searches Google for a query
  • &wiki Searches Google for a query


  • &ottergif Gives a random otter gif!
  • &translate Translates words into a GIF!


  • &help Shows this!


  • &imagelock Lock channel to images only


  • &tint Tints an image a given color
  • &flip Flips an image
  • &flop Flops an image
  • &blur Blurs an image
  • &rotate Rotates an image
  • &grayscale Makes an image black and white
  • &meme Makes a meme
  • &gaylicense Generates a gay license
  • &webmify Makes a webm


  • &lang Changes language for the server
  • &translate Gives information on how to translate the bot


  • &markov Creates a markov chain
  • &unlockmarkov Unlocks markov if it got stuck locked for some reason
  • &globalmarkov Creates a markov chain of all messages


  • &minesweeper Minesweeper within Discord using spoiler tags!


  • &modlogchannel Sets the channel used for the modlogs


  • &play Plays a given song
  • &stop Skips the whole queue
  • &skip Skips the current song
  • &fstop Forces a stop
  • &fskip Forces a skip
  • &queue Shows the current queue
  • &volume Sets the volume to 1-200%
  • &pause Pauses/resumes the video
  • &radio Plays a given radio station
  • &np Shows currently playing song
  • &voicereset Resets the voice state. Normally this shouldn't be needed, but sometimes the voice state can become dirtied and this can fix it
  • &midi Plays the attached MIDI file
  • &volumelock Toggles volume locking which limits volume to a sensible range
  • &pplay Plays a premium video stream (just twitch at the moment)
  • &fremove Removes an item by number from the queue
  • &remove Removes item(s) from the queue
  • &spotify Finds items on a spotify playlist on youtube and adds them to the queue
  • &iheartradio Adds an iHeartRadio stream to the queue
  • &rawplay Evaluates javascript and returns the result


  • &r34 Rule 34 of the internet (NSFW!)


  • &catpic Gives a random cat picture! 🐱
  • &dogpic Gives a random dog picture! 🐶
  • &shibepic Gives a random shibe picture! 🐕
  • &catpic2 Gives a random cat picture! 🐈
  • &birdpic Gives a random bird picture! 🐦


  • &remind Reminds you about something after a given time


  • &starchannel Sets the channel used for the starboard


  • &announce Makes an announcement to all guilds
  • &nofunallowed Toggles fun on the server (bot block)
  • &fbreply Reply to a user about feedback
  • &eval Evaluates javascript and returns the result
  • &update Shortcut for git pull
  • &blacklist Blacklists a user/guild
  • &seval Evaluates javascript across shards and returns the result
  • &creload Reloads a core module
  • &reload Reloads a module
  • &bash Runs a command
  • &ping Gets the latency from Discord
  • &invite Gives a link to add Strodl Bot to your server
  • &avatar Gives a certain user's avatar
  • &prefix Sets the bot's prefix
  • &debug Useful data for debugging functionality, feel free to ignore
  • &unload Unloads stuff
  • &premiumtog Toggles patron status for a user
  • &globreload Reloads a module globally


  • &xkcd Gets a given XKCD comic

And more! Use &help to get you started! 😃

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