Track what you and your fellow guild members play - how frequently and how long and how much! 🎮

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GamerStats automatically tracks all game activity from all members in the guild. Each start and stop is tracked, which allows to create insightful statistics about your gaming behaviour. This includes, but is not limited to, most frequently played games, most frequent times you play a game etc.

On top of that, these statistics are not only collected for you, but for all members! Everyone gets to see their statistics if they wish, too.


To instruct the bot, use one of the following commands:

  • ~gamestats | Detailed statistics about yourself and your gaming behaviour
  • ~gamestats user [user] | By providing the snowflake id or @mentioning the user, you can see all their gaming activity
  • ~gamestats game [game-name] | Query for a specific game to get insightful statistics how plays what
  • ~gamestats game [amount] | Want to know what games are played most for your guild? I got you.

Read more and see all commands on the website.

Premium Membership

If you enjoy what you see and you want to get access to more detailed statistics and a longer time span (currently only 2 weeks) you are welcome to upgrade your guild to Premium

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