The capable and helpful Tatsumaki: a Discord bot for XP & levels, moderation, more utilities, and fun stuff.

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Type t!help in Discord to view her commands!

Engage your members.

XP, Levels & Reputation

Incentivize activity on your Discord server by letting members earn XP and Levels with a visually interesting levels system.

The reputation system lets members upvote another member of their choice. Reputation is prominently displayed on profiles!

Credits & customization

Currency in the form of credits allows members to purchase customizations for commands such as t!profile and t!rank.

Members can personalize their profile & rank displays by adding their information and changing their backgrounds!

Tailor your Discord experience.

Server-Specific Settings

Modify how Tatsu behaves to suit your server. Set welcome messages, notifications, ignore channels, and other configurable options.

Do more with utilities.


Start votes to decide on topics, create strawpolls for more persistent voting & initiate lotteries to decide winners.

Search Integration

Check the weather outside, or search Google, Urban Dictionary & AniList, all from within Discord.


Start todo lists and set personal reminders to get your digital life on track.

Lighten up with fun commands.

A Bunch of Fun Stuff

Encourage friendly banter with fun commands. Display random images from subreddits with t!image. Text modifiers, randomizers, 8-balls, dice, fact commands and more are available.


Go fishing and reel in fun rewards, or take care of your very own virtual pet!

Simplify moderation.

Server Management

Tatsu's moderation tools work out-of-the-box, automatically hooking into Discord permissions. Maintain order by cleaning up chat, or reward/punish users by modifying their server points.

User Management

Kick & ban undesirables, and notify them with an optional reason while doing so. Keep track of what's happening across your server by setting up an action log.

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Submitted: 03/24/2020

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