Your solution to a great Discord Community! Adding levels, role management, achievements, profiles, image search, games, and list goes on!

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Customize and show off your amazing little card!

Role management

Buy, earn, or get roles by opting in!


The inner completionist inside of you is screaming for 100%-ing this!


Everyone deserve a little bit of love!

Complete server control


Miki's not only just playing around, She can also post reminders, or remove unwanted users.


Cleaning up rooms, banning users. all of these will be properly logged in your audit log!


Your free post-it note collection!

Uncover Miki's potential!


Whenever users send messages they receive experience points and climb the leaderboards.


Earn currency by being active and using daily bonuses, become the richest person on your server!


Now that you've acquired currency, It's time to bring your newfound riches to the casino and win a game against miki in several games!

Multilingual and more…


Our community helped to translate Miki into 27 languages! From Dutch, Japanese and Russian to Chinese and Polish.


We're also currently working on a website dashboard, so you can control your profile and server settings online!

… and more!

We are consistently probing the community for more ideas and suggestions to add to Miki. Share yours today!

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