Eden is a multi-purpose fun bot who tries to do everything as cute as possible with her "hewwo" and "sowwy" comments. She will help out where she can with her fun, emote, administration and roleplay commands.

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What is Eden?

Eden The Server Loli is a multi-purpose bot with plenty of different commands to make your server life easier as an admin and more fun as a user with both her administration commands and her fun commands.

How can she help admin?

Eden can kick and ban users as well as purge messages, if admin need to do so.

How is she helpful for servers?

She can also provide information about abou a user, such as when they joined discord, their username and discrininator and ID as well as info about the server itself.

How is she fun for users?

Eden has plenty of commands to occupy your time, such a emote commands, rock paper scissors, 8 ball, dice rolling and more.

Here is a list of some things she can do. Alternatively, you can use the +help command.


  • user user information
  • server information


  • pat
  • hug
  • slap
  • kiss
  • spank
  • lick
  • bite
  • poke
  • tickle


  • 8 ball
  • roll a dice
  • rock paper scissors


  • shrug
  • smile
  • cry
  • dance


  • kick users
  • ban users
  • purge messages
  • create a poll


  • Changing weather channel
  • Approve users
  • Set OC's

And much more!

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