An easy to use and helpful bot to make your Apex Legends experience better while on Discord! Stats, random loadout challenges, maps, and more!

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Sick of ad-ridden websites to check your stats on? Us too!

Made by Apex players, for Apex players, we're developing a simple and easy to use bot to check your stats with and more!

The overview of the bot's purpose, is a tool to make your Apex experience more enjoyable. One of the best ways is through our a)drop and a)random commands, it can provide hours of extra fun trying to do the challenges with your friends!


  • a)help - see all the commands on your server
  • a)stats [pc/ps4/x1] [username] - see the basic stats for a player's current banner on Apex!
  • a)ranked [pc/ps4/x1] [username] - see a certain player's ranked stats!
  • a)global [pc/ps4/x1] [username] - see a player's global stats! [WIP, data from Apex's API isn't great]
  • a)random - gives you a random loadout to try as a challenge!
  • a)drop [we/kc] - gives you a random drop location as a challenge!
  • a)map [we/kc] - Shows a map of the selected arena
  • a)news - see the latest Apex news posts!
  • a)info - see some stats on the bot

And there is more coming in the near future!

If you have trouble with the bot at all, join our support server and we'd be glad to help!

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Submitted: 04/26/2020

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