A bot that monitors a custom website/IP and updates an embed according on it's status.

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StatusBot is a unique bot that allows you to monitor websites, servers, game servers, anything with an IP or domain really.

The bot allows you to monitor these servers and display its current status in an embed, in the channel of your choice. The monitor checks the status of your server every 5 minutes, upgrading to premium will check every 3 minutes, and enabling our HyperChecker extension will check every 5 seconds. Notifying you in under 10 seconds.


Our monitor embeds our fully customizable, the embed colour, the title and even the footer! You can also hide the IP/Domain if it is sensitive information!


  • Hyperchecker -> Perform checks every 5 seconds instead of every 3 minutes
  • Minecraft -> Get player counts as well as server ping
  • CS:GO -> Coming soon
  • TF2 -> Coming soon
  • FiveM -> Coming soon
  • Role Alert -> Coming soon
  • Email Alert -> Coming soon
  • Web Dashboard

Getting Started

Want to start monitoring your sites & services? Add our bot and run sb!create 😄

From our dashboard, you can manage all the settings that you can directly from discord! (The dashboard is still in the works, so some features are missing) | |

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Submitted: 04/11/2020

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