Set up sleek cross-server channels, quickly and easily. Connecty, currently in beta, can connect multiple channels over multiple servers and effectively merge them into single channel. The connections can then be customized in many ways.

General Utility


Some of the other features include: viewing all your connections, toggling them on/off and customizing them. Connections can be customized in many ways, my favorite being, uwuifying all text that goes trough :3 The bot is currently in beta so try it out and help me develop it. Some of the stuff currently in development is support for cross server moderating, to go with the channels. Visit the support server for more help and info about all the commands there are!

Quick start guide:

  • Type ">start" in one of the two channels you want to connect
  • Type ">attach" in the other channel. Done!
  • Type ">remove" if you want to stop the connection

Quick start guide, if you do not own the server the second channel is in:

  • Type ">start" in your channel
  • You receive a 10 digit token from Connecty, send it to the second owner
  • They send the token, through DM, to Connecty
  • They type ">attach" in their channel. Done!
  • Typing ">remove" in any of the two channels, will stop the connection

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Submitted: 02/29/2020

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