Set up sleek cross-server channels, quickly and easily. Connecty, currently in beta, can connect multiple channels over multiple servers and effectively merge them into single channel. The connections can then be customized in many ways.

General Utility


Connecty will redirect messages from channels to other channels. This will effectively merge multiple channels into a single channel (cross server chat) or create announcement channels. Announcement channels can be subscribed to by any server, using a single id. Cross server chats are a great way to get more members since members will befriend each other across servers. The bot also has a global chat which any server can sign up for and which is moderated from the support server. Some of the other features include: viewing all your connections, toggling them on/off and customizing them. Connections can be customized in many ways, such as using webhooks to show the author, have it be anonymous or change the font.

Visit the support server for more help and info about all the commands there are!

Quick Start

Connect to the global chat

  • Type c/global in the channel you wish to connect
  • Type c/unsubscribe to stop the connection

Connect two or more of your own channels or servers

  • Type c/auto in all the channels you wish to connect
  • Type c/delete to start over

Connect to a server you don't administrate

  • Type c/auto in your channels
  • You receive a 10 digit id from Connecty, send it to the second admin
  • They send it, through DM, to Connecty
  • They type c/auto in their channels


An introduction and guide to using the bot can be found here


Connecting channels the proper way

  • Type c/new in your channel
  • You receive a 10 digit id from Connecty
  • Type c/subscribe in all the channels you wish to connect
  • If you regret connecting a channel, type c/unsubscribe
  • For servers you don't administrate, send them your id
  • If you regret the whole connection, type c/delete
  • Once you're finished, you can view your connection with c/view
  • In case you got more connections type c/view_all to view them all

Subscribing to an existing connection in another server

  • Ask the owner for the id of their connection. They can obtain it with c/view_all
  • Type c/subscribe <id> in the channel you wish to connect
  • Type c/unsubscribe if you regret

Customizing a connection

  • Type c/text_modes and pick a style you prefer. For the sake of example, let it be style 4 (sorc)
  • Type c/text_mode 4 or c/text_mode sorc
  • Type c/flags to see all the avaliable flags. These are options that can either be on or off
  • For the sake of example, lets say we want our messages to replace (replace) and be anonymous (anon)
  • Type c/enable_flags replace anon
  • Now all our messages look the same and super fancy

Creating an announcement channel

  • Use c/new in the channel you want to be the source of announcements
  • Add at least one channel yourself, with c/subscribe
  • Type c/enable_flags oneway This will make the messages only go one way, from your channel to other channels
  • Type c/view to get your id
  • Share the id!

Creating a busy server network connection

  • Enable the flags clean and protected with the enable_flags command
  • clean will filter out most spam, such as bots, images and links
  • protected will give you control over what channels are added, with the elevate mechanic
  • When a channel is to be added with the subscribe command, first use the elevate command in the origin channel
  • The origin is the channel where the connection was created i.e. the channel where new was used
  • The origin channel can be found with the view commands
  • To have another channel (in the connection) be the origin, first use elevate in the origin then origin in the new channel
  • Some basic modding, across servers, is possible. It might require setting up some custom commands, so send me a DM first

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