Toast is a multipurpose bot with a huge suite of moderation features.

General Fun Utility Moderation Levels


Toast is a well-designed Discord bot built for all kinds of servers. The Toast moderation suite contains all the features needed to keep your server safe. The bot also has leveling features and fun commands!


Our moderation system is role-based. Server administrators have the ability to set which role can access moderation commands and which role can access administrator commands. Administrators can set commandchannels. If commandchannels are set, the bot will only respond to commands done in the specified channels. If commandchannels are disabled, members will be able to use bot commands anywhere.

The server prefix is fully customizable. Administrators can also set blacklisted words, enable or disable the leveling features, and enable or disable the word blacklist.


Toast premium gives benefits included top priority support, custom command(s), and more. Message factor#2552 for more information on the Premium program.

Questions or Feedback?

Don't hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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