The bot you'll ever need. Stocked full of moderation and fun commands you and your server will enjoy!

General Fun Moderation

MLlama Bot

What is MLlama?

MLlama is a moderation and a fun bot that will guarantee to keep you and your server happy!


‧ Always being improved and made better

‧ Special Events (Coming soon…)

‧ Giveaways

‧ Customizable prefix

‧ New leveling system

And much more!


There is so many commands for MLlama and there is always more added! Here are some of the basic commands, the rest are on our website.







MLlama Pro

Once MLlama gets into over 50 servers, the Dev team will release MLlama Pro! MLlama Pro will have more better commands, access to private commands, and be able to do much more cooler stuff.

More Info

If you want to know more information about MLlama, visit our website.

So invite MLlama today! We promise you will not regret it!

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Prefix: $ (Customizable)

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