Meto is a new and friendly Discord bot that can send you quotes, memes, moderate your server and much more!

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Meto is a new and friendly Discord bot that can send you quotes, memes, and much more. New features are being added all the time! Our team is very passionate about this bot and is willing to spend as much time as possible upgrading it. Meto can flip a coin to reveal heads or tails, can send you fresh and dank memes from r/dankmemes on command, can send you inpiration quotes to make your day even better.


  • prefix - change the bots prefix.

  • help - messages you all the commands.

  • ping - shows the bots ping.

  • quote - sends an inspirational quote.

  • meme - sends a meme from r/dankmemes.

  • coinflip - flips a coin.

  • invite - invite the bot to your server.

  • 8ball - chooses your fortnune.

  • pfp - shows a users profile picture.

  • nick - changes the bots name.

  • whois - shows a users info.

  • info - shows bot info.

  • serverinfo - shows server info.

  • bob - Bob Ross painted you.

  • triggered - make someone mad.


  • kick - kicks a member.

  • mute - mutes a member.

  • purge - bulk deletes messages.

  • ban - bans a member.

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