Autumn Bot is a mutli-purpose discord bot. She features user verification, moderation, reaction roles, custom embeds, and most importantly, a goose command.

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Autumn Bot

The bot you didn't know you needed.

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Using the command -help will provide a list of commands. To get more information on a command, do -help [Command Name].

The help command will provide the following information


Command parameters with < > brackets are required, while parameters with [ ] brackets are optional.

-ban <User> [Reason]

Aliases are substitutions for the command name that allow for faster execution of commands. For example, you could do -rr instead of -reactionRole

Setting up the bot.

Until the Web Dashboard has been completed, you must do the -settings command to change settings. However, it may be confusing to some users.

  • The Group parameter is the settings group/module of settings you'd like to view. -settings by itself will display the list of groups. Defining a group without a setting will list a group of settings.

  • The Setting parameter is the setting in said group that you would like to view. This parameter will provide a list of information on the setting, such as a description, current value, etc.

  • Declaring Set, Add, or Remove will Set/Add/Remove a value from a setting. Add and Remove are only used for settings that have multiple values (Such as nonVerifiedChannels (in the verification group.)

  • Declaring a Value will allow you to skip the prompt asking you what value you would like to set/add/remove.


-settings [Group] [Setting] [Set | Add | Remove] [Value]


-settings general deleteCommands set true



Verify new users when they join your server! Protect against unwanted raids, bot accounts, and trolls. Either manually verify new users, or let the bot do it for you.


Autumn has everything from the typical weeb commands (hug, slap, poke, etc) to Chuck Norris commands. Run into a situation that requires KEKW? There's a command for that too!

Custom Embeds

Spice up your server with 100% customize-able (and FREEI'm looking at you, Dyno 👀) embedded messages. If discord.js has a function for it, its in the embed command.

Reaction Roles

Allow users to easily choose what roles they have with simple Reaction Roles. React to gain the role, and un-react(?) to get rid of it.


Poll your server members with pretty embedded polls. Yes/No polls feature Reddit (not sponsored) upvote/downvote reactions. Option polls allow for up to 20 options (and no less than 1).


Is someone spamming pogchamp in the chat? Mute them! Is someone mass pinging people? Kick them! Is someone making dad jokes? Ban them! You can do anything you want with the easy to use moderation commands.

Customize-Able Welcome Cards

The welcome cards are also 100% customize-able (and FREE, Mee6)

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