Server Info is a bot that Shows the LiveStatus of your Servers through a API on a Voting Site.It also has lots of other features and more still coming soon.

General Logging Utility

Server Info

Created by Griffindor's Development

Quick Info:

Server Info is a bot that Shows the LiveStatus of your Servers through a API on Several Voting Sites.

This bot will also start rolling out more features as they are requested if you have any that you want to see let us know.

Our website will also be up soon with a billing system and more information about our bots.

Server Info has a Ticket System that allows Clients/Players to choose a Department when the Ticket is open and when the Ticket is closed a Transcript is logged in Dms and Logged in Ticket-Transcripts Channel.

There is also a Report system for people to report other users for breaking the rules.

The Poll and Suggestion system help with game servers that run polls and let users make suggestions.

Server Info Will Add more games to its LiveStatus system as requested.
Max LiveStatus for a free is 2

The Update Time on the LiveStatus Messages is Every 5 Minutes.


Command Command Explanation
-ping This Command receives the Ping that the bot is currently running.
-userinfo @user Gets the users information from Discord
-ticket Opens a ticket.
-report Reports the user and sends a message to a staff channel.
-premium Shows the premium options for the bot.
supportedgames Shows the Supported games for the Game Status Feature.
-uptime Shows the uptime of the Bot.
-info Shows information about the bot and what version its running.
-close Closes a Ticket.
-add @user Adds a user to the current ticket.
-remove @user Removes a user from a current ticket
-rename name Renames the Ticket
-poll poll Creates a poll in the Poll Channel.
-say message The Bot will copy the message you have said and post it in a embedded message.

Extra Commands:

-register <gametype><apikey> Registers the server into the bots database.
-livestatus <secretkey> Registers the Livestatus in the Channel and to the Database to be edited.
-remove <apikey> removes the server from the database and stops updating the message. This Bot is Still in Beta and is planning to have many more features added.\

This will include a better User Customization for there Discord Servers instead of the Default that this bot requires.

Required Channels


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