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Universal discord bot to suite all of your needs.

Message previews

Messages can be previewed by sending a link to it. If ice has access to the server and channel the message was in, it will send an embed containing information about the message.


The bot has as of now the following commands


  • konachan - Safe version of konachan
  • nekos <endpoint> - Wrapper to nekos-dot-life API (SFW)
  • safebooru - It's safe, but just to make sureā€¦
  • sofurry - Gives random image from sofurry. Please don't use this in non-furry servers
  • waifu - Random AI-generated waifu + story


This category is yet to be done.

  • balance - shows current balance of user
  • pay <amount> <who> - Not yet implemented. Sends <amount> to <who>
  • mine - Mines the daily amount. Can be called every 12 hours.
  • premium - Shows if you have premium access or not


This category is for developers who are working on discord. Hope it helps!

  • bang (alias ddg) - Sends info from duckduckgo instant answer or link from bang
  • deno - Full deno runtime. Limit of 15 seconds. Only network allowed.
  • djs - Searches through Discord.js documentation
  • php - Searches through PHP documentation
  • dstatus - Shows status of discord servers
  • jseval - Evaluates given JS code. Has a limit of 10 seconds, running in NodeVM without access to require.
  • format - Formatting guide
  • google - Google it!
  • code - Shows information about given HTTP code. Supports some non-official ones. Thanks Wikipedia!
  • logme - Disabled on live version. Logs message to console. Useful for debugging this bot.
  • npm - Gets information about given package
  • request (alias req)- Makes request. See req help
  • format - Shows formatting help


  • achievments - Shows which achievments you currently own
  • avatar - Shows your or someone else's (Ping 'em!) high-res avatar7
  • covid - Shows covid statistics
  • fact - Gets a random fact
  • help - Shows a simple help (currently link to website). Full commando help.
  • invite - Link to invite the bot
  • oldest - Shows list of users ordered by the time of registration at discord
  • ping - Pings the discord API and shows how much time it consumed
  • puppy - Because everyone likes images of puppies
  • reddit - Shows random image from given subreddit. If not on image-only subreddit, bot may not reply as of now.


  • ascii - Figlet! Broken on latest release, hidden by default
  • cow - The original cowsay/cowthink
  • clap - Clapify given message
  • cool - Cools something
  • cowsay - Make cow say or think text
  • dab - <o/
  • joke - Random joke of given type. If no type provided, uses random
  • leet Leetify message
  • lenny - Everyone knows what's lenny
  • reddituser - Shows info about reddit user (disabled until fixed)
  • say - Make the bot say anything you want
  • spoiler - Annoying spoilers
  • subinfo - Shows info about reddit subreddit
  • vaporwave - Vaporify string


  • fone - Uses happyfone API
  • meme - Generates memes. Usage: meme <photo/link to avatar> [top text] [bottom text]
  • xkcd - Shows todays xkcd comic


  • skin - Shows skin of given player. Tries using authors nickname if no player provided.


  • allow-channels - Allows usage of bot only in specified channels. NOTE: once set, there's no way of removing the limit, so you can either list all channels manually or reset the bot!
  • announce - Make an announcement in the same channel. Admin only.
  • ban - Bans user
  • blacklist - Doesn't yet work, owner only.
  • case - Shows info about case (warn/kick/ban).
  • clearsettings - Clears bot data about current server. THIS ACTION IS IRREVERSIBLE
  • count - Counts members
  • editreason - Edits reason about specified case
  • giveaway - Starts a giveaway
  • history - Shows users history (kicks/bans/warns).
  • info - Info about author or given user
  • kick - Kicks user from the server
  • log - Log settings, not yet done.
  • purge <x> <delete report (true/false)> - Purges last x messages
  • role - Manages roles. See help.
  • stats - Stats of ice bot
  • warn - Warns user


  • join - Joins the bot to voice channel you are currently in.
  • leave - Leaves the voice channel
  • get - (Alias search) finds song by URL or name
  • pause - Pauses playback
  • play - Starts playing queue
  • stop - Stops playing queue
  • remove - Removes song from queue
  • resume - Resumes playback
  • jump - Jumps to song in queue
  • seek - Seeks current song
  • shuffle - Shuffles queue
  • skip - Skips current song
  • stash - View music search stash
  • view - Views current queue
  • volume - Sets or gets volume of playback


  • poke - Has subcommands, see poke help

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