Moderation | Automation | Auto Roles | Leveling | Reaction Roles | Memes | Reminders | Giveaways | Statistics | Gifs/Roleplay (like hug, kiss, etc.) That and way more features in this all in one discord bot! Aki has over 180 commands to make your server the best it can be. Handle all of your server utility like reminders, reaction roles, welcome messages, giveaways etc. with Aki! All of her commands are easy to understand and use for everyone, can't figure something out anyway? Don't worry! We have a lovely support server where everyone tries to help everyone at

General Anime Moderation Levels Memes Logging Notifications Roleplay Social Utility

Aki is the perfect bot if you don't want to have a lot of small bots around. She has over 180 commands in multiple sections making her a great multi purpose bot. All of her commands are constantly being improved and new ones get made weekly as well!

Aki has a 99.99% uptime! She is hosted at the same host as Rythm & Groovy (music bots). The 1st and 3rd biggest bots of all time.
Be sure to check out Aki's website for a detailed list of Aki's commands at and see why she's the main bot of many communities even since the Beta! Even early on she was already used in several servers with over 20k members.

With functions ranging from welcome messages to leveling to automatic reminders and advanced giveaways, Aki is slowly becoming one of the new top bots in discord!

Aki Help For a full this list of commands in discord. This list will always be up to date and more accurate than the website. You can find the full list of commands at but it might not be updated.

Some extra tips:

  • You can enable and disable specific commands with Aki Disable [Command] and Aki Enable [Command]
  • Aki's prefix can be changed to anything with Aki Prefix [Your Prefix]
  • Make Aki only work in a specific channel with Aki Botchannel [#Channel]
  • Make Aki ignore a channel with Aki Ignore #Channel and Aki Unignore #Channel
  • Blacklist users from using Aki with Aki Blacklist [@User] and allow them again with Aki Whitelist [@User]
  • Set up staff roles with Aki Modrole [@Role], Aki Srmodrole [@Role] & Aki Adminrole [@Role] Or just give the user the permission needed for the original act (aka. people with ban permissions can use aki ban, but so can srmods)

Small preview of Aki in action

Disboard reminders 2h after the last bump. with aki disboardchannel #channel

Good looking giveaways with role and booster multipliers with aki giveaway You can even edit them afterwards with aki ga manage

Easy to use role selection with aki rr You can even edit them afterwards with aki rr manage

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3,478 invites total

Prefix: aki, a!, customizable

Submitted: 01/09/2020

Approved: 03/18/2020

Edited: Last Thursday at 8:43 PM

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