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Hey there! I'm Eli. An amazing bot that can do almost everything! Instead of having 20 bots you can do almost anything with just me! I have most features other bots have but better and easier. I have: Moderation | Welcomes & Goodbyes | Autoroles | Reaction Roles | Leveling | Stats & Info | Reminders | Memes | Roleplay | Starboard and way way more! Check out all my commands at All of my features are based on the best bots and improved into one bot, so quality guaranteed! If you need help join our support server

General AnimeLevelsLoggingMemesModerationNotificationsRoleplaySocialUtility

Be sure to check out Eli's website!

Eli is a powerful multi purpose Discord bot made to be fast, useful, fun & cute

Eli is made to be the most useful bot out there by combining features from tens of bots into one. Eli is getting rapid improvements and community feedback making her one of the most alive and up to date bots out there. Her entire character design is actually from our fanart!

Eli is constantly getting new features based on community input!

With over 190 commands and more coming soon Eli is one of the biggest Discord bots in functionality without making useless commands. All 200 commands are some of the essentials you might need for your server. Just using Eli will cover 95% of all the things you need a bot for as a server owner.

Best yet, Eli is completely free and doesn't require voting!

Relying purely on donations from generous souls Eli is a completely free bot while offering functionality that other bots lock behind paywalls like an advanced and customizable leveling system!

Be sure to check out all the details about Eli at and see why she is the main bot of many huge communities! In many cases Eli is even the only bot in the entire server! Even for servers with thousands of members!

If you got any suggestions come join our support server at

These are just a tiny fraction of what Eli can do. Be sure to check out for a full list of commands online!

Alternatively use Eli Help For a full this list of commands in discord. This list will always be up to date!

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Prefix: eli, e!, customizable

Submitted: 01/09/2020

Approved: 03/18/2020

Edited: 12/15/2020

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