Ever wanted a bot that can respond to your chats? Ever wanted a bot that is fun, and can keep the moderation on your server so you only need one bot? Ever wanted a bot that has 100% Uptime? Check out this one! It has a wide variety of commands so you can make the best of your server!

General Fun Games Social Moderation

ChatBot is an incredible bot, which has 3 main topics.

  1. It has 99.9% Uptime (Guaranteed or you can sue me)
  2. It has many fun games and activities such as: Truth or Dare, Coin Flip and Coming soon: Would You Rather
  3. It responds to your chats! Get the conversation started by doing >|hi or >|hello

This bot has daily updates and you yourself can contribute ideas/needed phrases/bugs by doing >|suggest . Join the official server by doing >|invite-chatbot

List of Commonly Used Commands:

  • help - full list of commands
  • tod - play truth or dare
  • wyr (under construction) - play would you rather
  • joke - tell a joke
  • suggest - suggest ideas and report bugs
  • invite-chatbot - invite the bot
  • hotness - how hot are you?
  • neverever - play never have I ever
  • spongebob - sends spongebob photo
  • recent-search - sends the user you mentioned's most recent search

Moderation Commands:

  • yeet - kick
  • mega-yeet - ban
  • silence - mute
  • speak - unmute
  • salty-yeet - softban: delete all messages and kick the user
  • addrole - gives a role to a user
  • takerole - takes a role from a user
  • noahark - clears the amount of messages from chat you want
  • ping - gets the ping of the server + bot
  • say-yes - whitelist a word
  • say-no - blacklist a word

  • (Note: You will need to put the prefix before each word)

  • Get This Bot!
  • Note: Bot is case sensitive: everything must be lowercase except for the word: I

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