In search for a Rush Wars bot that displays your stats, team information, and logs your team's updates? Look no further, Arcade Bot is here!

General Utility

Arcade Bot provides information based on your in-game player statistics, box cycles, and team info for Supercell's Rush Wars!

  • Get live information from your profile, and team
  • Get live team updates
  • Check your upcoming boxes
  • More to come in future updates!

Default prefix: a.


General Commands

  • a.profile - Shows stats on your in-game profile.
  • a.dom - Shows your domination stats.
  • - Link/saves your in-game profile to your Discord account.
  • a.boxes - Shows your upcoming box cycles.
  • a.levels - Shows all of your card levels.
  • - Compares your stats with another player's.
  • - Shows your team's info.

Server Commands

  • a.teamlog - Logs your teams activity.
  • a.setprefix - Changes your server's prefix.
  • @ArcadeBot resetprefix - Resets your server's prefix.

Misc Commands

  • a.invite - Bot's invite link.
  • - Support server link.
  • - Shows info based on the bot.


Feel free to join our support server if you have any questions, or want to stay ahead with future updates!

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Prefix: a.

Submitted: Oct 29, 2019 1:30 AM

Edited: Oct 29, 2019 2:10 AM

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