Easy-to-use server stats bot, which allow to display stats about the server like member count.

General Logging Multiple Languages Social Utility


Special Features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Multi Language (English, German) [Other languages on request of users]
  • Frequently added counters


<> - Required Argument
[] - Optional Argument
Don't use the brackets in the argument!

Command Feature
!ss serverinfo Display server information.
!ss userinfo [Member¹] Display information about a member.
!ss avatar [Member¹] Display the members avatar.
!ss channelinfo [Channel²] Display channel information.
!ss roleinfo <Role³> Display role information.
!ss inviteinfo <Invite⁴> Display invite information.
!ss emojiinfo <Emoji⁵> Display emoji information.
!ss help [-c] Display all commands and their functions. (-c sends help in the channel)
!ss info Display general information and stats about this bot.
!ss vote Get the vote instructions and check vote status.
!ss premium Get Premium Info & Instructions.
!ss invite Get the Invite Link from the Bot.
!ss setup Setup the bot.
!ss settings Configure the bot.

¹ - Member could be a @mention or a mame#tag
² - Channel could be a #mention or a name
³ - Role could be a @mention or a Name
⁴ - Invite could be an URL or a code
⁵ - Emoji could be a :emoji: mention or a name

Planed Features

  • Youtube Counter (Subs, Videos, Views)
  • Twitch Counter (Follower, Subs)
  • Twitter Counter (Follower, Tweets)
  • Instagram Counter (Subs, Posts)
  • Hourly, daily, monthly server growth
  • Members playing a game counter
  • Online record counter
  • Daily message counter
  • Mincraft server counter (online, players)
  • Suggest me something on my Discord


  • Approve Bot ❌
  • 10 Server ✔️ (09.11.2019)
  • 25 Server ❌
  • 50 Server ❌
  • 100 Server ❌
  • 250 Server ❌
  • 500 Server ❌
  • 1.000 Server ❌
  • 2.500 Server ❌
  • 5.000 Server ❌
  • 10.000 Server ❌
  • 25.000 Server ❌
  • 50.000 Server ❌
  • 100.000 Server ❌

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Submitted: 01/12/2020

Approved: 03/08/2020

Edited: 01/12/2020

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