Show off your knowledge of video game soundtracks by catching them while chatting with your friends!

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Catch soundtracks

It's like catching Pokémon, but with video game soundtracks instead! Tracks will spawn randomly, or when you invoke the bot using R spawn. 'Catch' the track and add it to your collection by guessing the game series, the game, or the name of the track.

The bot has a big database of aliases, so you don't need to type the exact name of a game. For example, instead of 'The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker' you can type 'TWW' or even 'ゼルダの伝説 風のタクト'. Aliases can be viewed by using R games [game] If you spot a missing or incorrect alias, join the support server to suggest a correction!

Skip tracks you don't know

For each track that spawns, you can request a few hints by typing R hint. Still stuck on a track? You can use R skip to start a skip. There is a small countdown on the skip, to give other people the chance to still catch the track if they recognize it.

Compete on the leaderboards

Each time you catch a track, it is added to your collection. Depending on how precise your guess was, you get points. The more points you get, the higher you place on the leaderboard! You can use R leaderboard to view the leaderboards for the last 7 days, or R leaderboard all to view the all-time leaderboards.

Expand your collection

Every track you catch is added to your collection. Each time you catch a track, the bot will let you know if you've collected it before, and how many tracks you've collected.

You can view your collection using R collection. By default, this shows how many tracks you've collected per game. To view the tracks you collected for a single game, you can use R collection [game].

You can sort your collection in a number of ways:

  • R collection abc sorts your collection alphabetically.
  • R collection collected sorts games by most tracks collected
  • R collection completed only shows the games for which you've collected all tracks at least once
  • R collection missing sorts games by least tracks missing, and hides completed games

Show off your skills

You can use R profile to show statistics derived from your guesses and catches, like the most guesses you made on a single spawn, or the longest consecutive catching streak you've had!

There are also statistics, which you can view using R stats. By default, this shows statistics for your server only. To view statistics for all servers combined, you can use R stats global.

Level up

While catching tracks, you gain XP. When you've collected enough XP, you can level up by fighting a boss (R levelup). In a boss fight, multiple tracks are spawned from your collection, just for you. If you can catch them all (pun intended) before the timer runs out, you win! As you level up, boss fights get more and more difficult. You can re-try boss fights as many times as you want, but no more than once per day!

Bot configuration

The bot can spawn new tracks every now and then. You need to enable this by using R config enable random spawns. By default, these are spawned to the channel with the most recent activity. To limit spawns to a certain channel, you can use R config #channel.

If you don't enable random spawns, you'll have to use R spawn each time you want a new track to appear.

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