Play video game music trivia with this game bot. Show off your knowledge of video game soundtracks while chatting with your friends!

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Rocco OST will give you a 30-second clip from a video game soundtrack. Your job is to guess the name of the game from which that audio clip originates! It's video game OST trivia with more than 650 games and 20,000 individual tracks! For your convenience, Rocco OST has a big database of aliases so that you don't need to type a long name like "The Legend of Zelda - The Wind Waker". Instead, just "TWW" or "Wind Waker" is also accepted (and even "ゼルダの伝説 風のタクト" works).

Guessing soundtracks

To spawn a new track, simply say R spawn. As soon as the track appears, you can start guessing with R catch [guess]. If you don't recognise a track instantly, you can use R hint to hear another track from the same game. If that doesn't help, you can skip the track by saying R skip. A short countdown will start to give others a chance to make their final guesses, and then a new track is spawned!

Don't like clicking on play every time a track spawns? Rocco OST can play the tracks for you in a voice channel! Just say R voice join while in a voice channel to make Rocco appear.


Your collection

Every time you guess a track correctly, you earn some XP and the track is added to your virtual collection! You can sort your collection in a number of ways:

  • R collection abc sorts your collection alphabetically
  • R collection collected sorts games by most tracks collected
  • R collection completed only shows the games for which you've collected all tracks at least once
  • R collection missing sorts games by least tracks missing, and hides completed games

R profile will show more statistics, like how many guesses you've made, or what your longest guessing streak was.


When you've collected enough XP, you can level up by fighting a boss! A boss fight is a short, fun, challenge where you have to correctly guess multiple tracks that are already in your collection. No hints, no skips, and under time pressure!


Compete with your friends on the leaderboards:

  • R leaderboard for the best guesser in the past week
  • R leaderboard all for the best all-time guesser
  • R leaderboard level for the person with the highest level and most XP

The more precise, the more points your guess is worth on the leaderboards. Just guessing a game series like "mario" will give you 1 point, guessing the name of the game ("Super Mario Bros. 2") will give you 2 points, and guessing the full title of a track will give you 3 points!

Bot configuration

Random spawns

The bot can spawn new tracks every now and then. You need to enable this by using R config enable random spawns. Additionally, you'll need to set a default channel using R config #channel. If you don't enable random spawns, you can still use R spawn each time you want a new track to appear.

Short guesses

R catch mario can be tedious to type. You can say R config enable short guesses to allow guesses to be made with a dot ('.') instead, like this: . mario.

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