Empty Messages is a bot which can automatically detect and remove all empty messages in your server!

General Moderation


Using Discord's Markdown such as a bold or italic space, it is easy to create messages which appear empty when seen. These messages don't contribute any meaning to the discussion and can therefore safely be deleted as spam.

Examples of Empty Messages

Any of these cryptically looking string will produce an empty message when viewed with the latest Discord Client. Empty Messages will therefore delete all of them!

  • ** **
  • *** ***
  • _ _
  • **_ _**
  • ** **_ _
  • ** ** ** **

How to use

  1. Invite the Bot via the Invite at the top of the page
  2. Profit!

There is no need for setup — in fact, there are no commands. Simply add the bot and enjoy.

Open Source

Empty Messages is free software licensed under the AGPL 3.0 (or later) version. You can view the source code on GitLab.

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