Administration bot including configurable logging, auto roles + much more which you can setup easily with st.setup hosted 24/7

General Moderation Utility


Watchdog will keep your staff up-to-date and stop bad people 24/7.

Watchdog was created while thinking about Administration and simplicity. With Watchdog in your server, your staff will always know what's happening, on & offline

Watchdogs Commands

Command Output
mymessages Returns how many messages the bot has seen from you
userinfo Shows you your information or a mentioned user information
serverinfo Shows you the servers information
botinfo Shows you Watchdogs information
ping Returns the bots Latency and API Ping
config Displays the servers Watchdog configuration
setup [Staff] Runs you through on how to setup of Watchdog
lockdown [Staff] Locks down the channel for a set amount of time
unlockdown [Staff] Force unlocks the channel that has been locked
clear [Staff] Clears the specified amount of messages
mute [Staff] Mutes the mentioned user
unmute [Staff] Unmutes the mentioned user
kick [Staff] Kicks the mentioned user
ban [Staff] Bans the mentioned user
setchannel [Admin] Sets the logs channel
setadminrole [Admin] Sets the admin role
setautorole [Admin] Sets the automatic role that is given when a user joins
deletelogson OR off [Admin] Toggles the deleted message logs
editlogson OR off [Admin] Toggles the edited message logs
joinlogson OR off [Admin] Toggles the joined member logs
leavelogson OR off [Admin] Toggles the left member logs

Watchdog Working



How Logs Work


Other Information

  • Message kaden#8215 if you find any bugs
  • Watchdog is hosted 24/7 with very little downtime

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