This is a bot that focuses on searching anime pictures. You can also photoshop images or play music with various audio filters and effects. Additionally, there are some utility and moderation features (ban, kick, logging, welcome and leave messages, selfroles, reactionroles, etc.)

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I hope that you enjoy using my bot! The default prefix is =>, but you can customize it. Use help to view the command list. For detailed help, use help (command). For a dm-compatible command list, use help dm.


  • Website searching (such as Reddit, Twitter, and anime sites).
  • Download pictures from embeds and download a song that is currently playing.
  • Photoshop editor! Apply adjustment layers and rotate/flip/crop/resize images.
  • Audio effects and filters! Play reversed music, change the speed, add delay, and more.
  • Video effects! You can also reverse and change the speed of videos or youtube links.
  • Download images from any text channel!
  • Play a game of minesweeper! (can be in reactions or spoilers)
  • Search information on games like osu!, azurlane, and kancolle!
  • Delete images that aren't anime! Assign members to a weeb or normie role based on their profile picture!
  • Simple moderation (ban, kick, warn) and a case log.
  • Simple xp system and level up roles.
  • Welcome and leave messages.
  • Selfroles and reactionroles.
  • Captcha verification.
  • Message and user logging.
  • Link voice and text channels together.
  • Lock emojis to certain roles.
  • Starboard and Pinboard.
  • Twitch and YouTube notifications.
  • Chain multiple commands, or run a random command.
  • Authorize your Discord/Reddit/Twitter account with oauth2 to like, comment, and repost posts with your account.
  • There are some more commands, mainly for info or misc functions.

Additionally, by keeping the bot on your server you agree to the privacy (policy) and tos, which you can find by running the respective commands.

If you have a bug report or feature suggestion, you could use the feedback command, open an issue on my github repository, or contact me through the support server.

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