Designed with language learners and linguists in mind, Yulin has the largest selection of Chinese dictionaries and Chinese/Japanese utilities in any bot.

General Multiple LanguagesUtility



  • Google Translate
  • Pinyin ↔ Chinese conversion
  • Simplified ↔ Traditional conversion
  • Pinyin ↔ Zhuyin conversion
  • Romaji ↔ Japanese conversion

Dictionaries & Lookup

  • Chinese-English Dictionary
  • Stroke order lookup
  • Example sentence lookup
  • Sentence analyzer
  • Moedict / Liangan dictionary lookup
  • Kangxi Dictionary

…and more!

Feature List:

This is not a full list of commands supported by the bot! For more help, use the [help command.


  • [s Mandarin-English Dictionary
  • [cs Cantonese-English Dictionary
  • [fs Dictionnaire Chinois-Français
  • [ms Moedict Chinese Dictionary
  • [las Liangan Chinese Dictionary
  • [kx Kangxi Dictionary
  • [hs Hakka Dictionary
  • [ts Taigi / Taiwanese Hokkien Dictionary
  • [bus Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

(with more dictionaries to come!)


  • [so Stroke orders (Mainland Standard)
  • [mso Stroke order lookup (Taiwanese Standard)
  • [se Example sentences
  • [a Sentence analyzer
  • [c Custom stroke order gif generator
  • [tl Google Translate


  • [ch Pinyin/Zhuyin → Chinese
  • [py Chinese → Pinyin
  • [cj Cangjie → Chinese
  • [ja Romaji → Japanese
  • [ro Japanese → Romaji
  • [vert Horizontal text → Vertical text
  • [simp Traditional → Simplified
  • [trad Simplified → Traditional
  • [tl Google Translate


  • Customizable prefixes (multiple prefixes per server supported)
  • Customizable [tl behaviour (define default target language for Google Translate)
  • Embed/Text mode for bot output

<h3>Permissions required for the bot to function:</h3>

Basic bot functionality permissions:

  • View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files

The bot depends on reactions (using custom emotes) for navigation, so these two permissions are also necessary:

  • Use External Emojis
  • Add Reactions

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