The HytaleGuide bot can retrieve detailed information on Hytale items, mobs and zones directly from the HytaleGuide database.

General Utility Games

To use this bot, simply surround the item, mob or zone name (case insensitive) you want to find more about with square brackets ([ ]). For example:

[help] Will show what you can do with the bot and a few example commands.

[info] Will show you information on the bot, such as the number of servers it's in, the database size and the bot version.

[trork sword] Displays information about the Trork Sword such as damage, durability, DPS and more.

[trork warrior] Displays information about Trork Warriors such as HP, flying, range and more.

[borea] Displays information about the Borea zone such as a short description and the mobs you could find in the zone.

[help] Displays help with a few example commands.

[info] Displays info with some stats such as servers, database size and bot version.

If the search query returns no results the bot will suggest corrections to your command for example:

[trork] Will return the following suggestions:

[trork sword] [trork sentry] [trork warrior] [trork hunter] [trork shaman]

For further reading on how to use this bot, please read our guide.

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