The Ultimate DeviantArt Discord that helps artist's official communities and fan communities stay up to date with their favorite artists through Discord. Say goodbye to having to manually post links to new page of your comic! DeviantCord has it covered!

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DeviantCord is a Discord bot that will allow artists and fan communities to keep up to date on their favorite artists on DeviantArt through Discord.

For example manually posting links to your comic each time you post a new page is something this bot will replace. It will automatically check the configured artists folders for new entries and will post a new message in specific Discord channels when a new deviation is found containing a link and a preview image of the deviation.

See DeviantCord in action!

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Setting Up DeviantCord

Before you can start adding listeners, you need to designate the minimum role for DeviantCord command to be used on the server via the setuprole command (This will require someone with Admin permissions to use this command and make sure you can mention the role) ~setuprole @role

Types of Commands

DeviantCord has four types of commands

Reference the help command for argument and properties usage

Command Type Description Ex:
Add Listener Adds a listener to a text channel ~addfolder ~addallfolder
Update Property Updates a property for a listener ~updatechannel, ~updateinverse, ~updatehybrid
Information Commands that provide information ~listfolders, ~help, ~support
Admin Admin level commands that affect the bot serverwide ~setuprole, ~setprefix

Types of Listeners

Currently DeviantCord has two types of listeners, with two additional types of listeners currently being worked on.

Listener Type Description Associated Command Available
Folder Listens to a single folder in an artists gallery ~addfolder Yes
All Folder Listens to an artists All Folder view (All Deviations the artist posts) ~addallfolder Yes
Journals Listens for new journal entries from an artist. Coming soon No
Status Updates Listens for status updates from an artist Coming soon No

Special Thanks:

  • Zander-The-Artist for allowing us to use his artwork to showcase the capabilities of the bot

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