Ultimate Trivia search bot. Find the answers for games like HQ Trivia, Joyride, tellie, Swagbucks and more.

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Enjoy winning money? Of course, you do. Ultimate Trivia Bot can quickly find the answers for games that pay cash like HQ Trivia, Joyride, tellie, Swagbucks, The Q, Trivaa and more. Ultimate Trivia Bot is fun to use and makes it easy to find the answers to the questions.


  • Search song lyrics from to find the name & artist of a song. Works great for Music Mania on Joyride.
  • Search movie quotes from to find the title of a movie. Great for Film Frenzy on Joyride.
  • Search Google
  • Search Google Images
  • Search Wikipedia
  • Search Oxford dictionary
  • more features coming soon


Quick and easy to use commands. When you have less than 10 seconds to search for an answer less is more right?

  • -l <song lyrics>
  • -m <movie quotes>
  • -g <google search>
  • -i <google image search>
  • -w <wikipedia search>
  • -d <dictionary search>
  • -help shows the list of commands


movie search


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