Automatically stay up to date with the latest posts from Reddit!

General NSFW Social Memes

Redditor will automatically posts new updates from subreddits on Reddit! choose Of course, Redditor requires permissions to post in the text channels you wish to receive updates in

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO MAKE SEPERATE CHANNELS FOR REDDITOR TO POST IN. Posts are limited to 5 per subreddit per update period (updates occur every 20-60s) to prevent excessive spamming.

Redditor will embed images right into your discord chat, so it is perfect for staying up to date with the latest memes or nsfw content

How to use :

To subscribe to a subreddit, simply type the command : .//subscribe [subreddit] [text channel] new posts in that subreddit will then be posted in the text channel you entered NOTE : you can only have 1 text channel per subreddit in a single server.

To unsubscribe from a subreddit, use the command : .//unsubscribe [subreddit]

To see which channels you are subscribed to, use the command : .//list

Subscribing or unsubscribing needs a special role. You either need to have Administrator permissions, or a Role called "Redditor"

Footnote : Redditor will only post in NSFW marked channels for obvious reasons (reddit can be unpredictable)

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Submitted: Jun 20, 2019 2:44 PM

Edited: Jul 25, 2019 2:35 PM

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