Snake is a discord bot that allows users to play a game of snake in their discord server. The bot includes many features to make using the bot as simple as possible, including the feature to pause your game, save your game and also an additional game-mode which allows the game to loop.

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  • Use s/start to be able to play a game of snake within your discord server. The game is controlled using directional arrows which are added to the message.

  • The game also allows for the game to be paused with command s/pause which freezes the game for 60 seconds and then continues on its own. To unpause the game on your own the command s/unpause can be used

  • The command s/save can be used during the game to save your game and play it later on any server. The command can be used multiple times per game

  • Your game highscore can be saved and retrieved using the command s/pb

  • The command 's/start loop' can be used to play the game of snake in which the game loops around the walls, however highscores are not saved in this gamemode

Additional Information;

  • A game of snake is limited to one per server
  • The command s/vote will take you to a link where you can support the bot

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Submitted: Aug 28, 2019 7:42 AM

Edited: Aug 28, 2019 7:42 AM

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